Food: Dream Interpretation #14

If you dream about cooking any type of food, it has latent meaning for your waking life. If the food turns out well cooked, it means your relationship or project in waking life will turn out well. If the food does not cook well or does not taste good, then it is a prediction that relationships/ projects in your waking life, will not be very good.

If you were hungry while sleeping, your stomach may send signals to your brain. Since you’re in a sound sleep, you would not be awakened, to get food or drink to satisfy your stomach. Instead, your brain offers you the next best thing. You dream of cooking food. Alternatively, you dream of eating food. Some sleepers may actually grind their teeth because they believe they are eating in the dream.

Children in the psychiatric ward love cooking lessons.

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Dreaming of addiction to food

Dreaming of addiction to food.

Addictions can be caused by problems. When a person is unable to cope with their problems, they may use an activity to distract themselves from their problem. Engagement in this activity may become so intense that it is an addiction. If you dream about having an addiction, it means you have a problem in waking life. You are not addressing this problem and that’s why you have an addiction.

A dream is a wish fulfillment of a desire that is known during waking reality.

You might wish to reflect on themes in your life, that may have caused this dream about being addicted to food.

Sometimes, the dream may not be expressing a message about addiction, but of hunger. Hunger during the day causes a desire to eat to satisfy the craving for food. Weight watchers and dieters who constantly starve themselves, or purge their food, are frequently hungry and desire to eat. It seems they have an addiction to food but that is not the case.

Weight watchers who have a real problem with maintaining a healthy diet should seek professional help.

Dream interpretation of food

Dream interpretation of food.

Dream interpretation of food –
The quality of food in your dream tells you about how your life is going on. If you see imagery of poor quality food, it means your waking life is a struggle. Your food is lean. If you see good quality food in your dream, it means you will enjoy a better life with some comfort in good food.

Have you ever dreamed of food?

Food: Dream Interpretation #14

Internal stimulus creates dream of association.

How dreaming of food relates to your life
When you’re hungry and your brain knows it, you dream of food and cooking food. Your stomach gives the direction for the brain to think about food.