Mental Health Comics

I’ve posted a whole series of Mental Health Comics. This post welcomes reader participation: Spaghetti recipe dish. Start of Mental Health Comic. Writing prompt on mental asylum.

Mental Health Comic #53

Mental Health Comic #53 The drawing on the left shows a patient when he was upset. The drawing on the right shows a group of patients with an adult volunteer. They talk about how the patient mentioned his appreciation for the medical treatment which he received.

Mental Health Comic #49

Mental Health Comic #49 Patients love to keep small items of personal belongings about them. The small tokens are comforts and luxuries which remind them they are special. Some patients who lack personal items, may steal from those who have them. The nurses in the ward conduct checks in the dormitory where the sleeping quarters …

Mental Health Comic #48

Mental Health Comic #48: This features schizophrenia and OCD. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder. The patient believes in a thought which defies logic. The drawing shows a patient washing his hands repeatedly because he believes his hands are stained with germs. In his sleep, he even repeats his hand washing routine. He sleepwalks around, while …