Dream of being a victim of stealing

Dream of being a victim of stealing.

If your inner self fears being targeted for theft, it means you know you have plenty of material possessions that are lying around. If you show off your wealth, it attracts attention and then you get the feeling that strangers are staring at you. In your sleep, your brain reminds you that people have looked at you with envy because you have flouted your possessions. You get a dream that your prized belongings are stolen, as a simulation of threat.

The latent meaning of a burglary (being a victim of theft) can also mean an internal theft of resources. You could be suffering from the the theft of your time, and other resources. Your brain may be sending a message to say your internal body has been robbed of time, energy, and other resources, while you were on a wild goose hunt.

In your dream, do you know what was stolen? What is the significance of losing that object? The significance probably relates to your waking life. What are you going to do with the loss of that item in your waking life? The item could be something intangible or irreplaceable. This dream could be a simulation of a threat to warn you to prepare for the scenario, before it happens. You should prepare contingency plans to cope if it really happens.

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