Dream of a bursted skirt

Dream of a bursted skirt:

Dream of a stitch in time saves nine

Dreaming of sewing is a play on the common idiom, “A stitch in time saves nine”.

When you dream of sewing, don’t ignore this dream. Look at each item of clothing before you wear them. One piece of clothing may be needing mending and you must attend to this before the entire row of stitches rip apart.

Many years ago, when I was a poor, struggling teacher, I used to wear old clothes. One night, I had a dream about my skirt. A side seam suddenly burst and I was humiliated with the torn skirt. I didn’t think much of this dream, until I experienced an incident.

One morning, I wore a pencil skirt. I took the bus to work. As I was getting down from my bus, my skirt literally burst at the seam. The stitches unraveled when one stitch burst. A whole row of stitches became undone. Luckily for me, this seam was at the end of a tailored slit of the skirt which was on the back. So the slit got longer and higher and was hardly noticeable.

After I reached my work place, I rearranged my skirt by wearing the slit to the side of my leg. At lunch time, I told my boss I had to take the bus to the nearest mall to buy a new skirt because the one I was wearing had split.

The morale of is story is – never ignore your dreams. The dream may seem trivial, but it may be important to pay attention to the message and work on it to prevent an ugly incident from happening.

The other morale of this story is – never wear old clothes to work.

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