Meaning of dreaming of monkey

If you had been dreaming of a monkey, it can mean several possibilities.

  1. You are talkative in your waking hours and this makes it seem as though you chatter continuously, like how a monkey does.
  2. If you are female and have at least one child, dreaming of a monkey image can mean you have the tendency to spoil your kid by giving them lots of attention. Mother monkeys generally show the trait of nurturing their baby monkey.
  3. Monkeys show their emotions using facial expressions and your dream may be telling you that you’ve been expressive in your body language.
  4. Monkeys are intelligent and learn to do new things. They have good memories and retain knowledge and skills, which enable them to remember how to use their new skills. If you dream of yourself as a monkey, it can be a vote of confidence, to encourage you to learn new skills.
  5. Monkeys like to groom each other and be groomed in return. Humans also love the touch and physical intimacy. If you dream of seeing monkeys grooming each other, it can mean you desire attention from physical contact.

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