Dream interpretation someone destroying your plot perimeter

If you have a plot of land whose boundaries are marked by plot perimeter markings, then this dream has a direct association with this. If you have a neighbor who has recently erected new fencing or walls, you need to hire a professional surveyor to help you check that your perimeter is correctly marked. There have been cases of neighbors who stole land by moving their boundary markings into another neighbor’s land. This means you may lose some land.

Dream imagery of someone destroying your plot perimeter can have different meanings. It can refer to someone who tries to violate your personal space and boundaries, without your permission. For example, a person who tries to interfere in your affairs/ situation. Someone who disturbs you excessively by taking up your time, also fits the literal metaphor of moving (or destroying) your plot perimeter (of time).

House on plot of land
Collage house.

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