Meaning of man dreaming of wearing woman’s necklace

A woman’s necklace is traditionally worn by a female and when a man dreams that he wears a female’s necklace, the interpretation is bad news. The man has been subjugated (demeaned or humiliated) to wear a female decorative jewellery. After all, there are designated masculine style jewellery for men.

Male and female lovers often exchange trinkets and other items to symbolize expressions of romantic love and bonding. If the man dreams of wearing his female romantic partner’s necklace, then it is good. If the dream is about wearing a stranger woman’s necklace or he does not know the identity of the mystery female, then this dream would be an omen.

In present day 2023, its common for males to wear formally traditionally female clothes. The caveat is that he should not expose nudity at sensitive body parts.