Meaning of pregnant woman dreams she gives birth to serpent

What is the meaning of the dream when a pregnant woman dreams she gives birth to a serpent? The ancient Greek Artemidorus had done this dream interpretation. He was a professional dream interpreter who lived in the 2nd century A.D.

These are possible dream meanings of woman in pregnancy and dreaming of serpent:

  1. If expectant mother comes from a rich background, her child will grow up to become a good speaker. This is because the serpent has a forked tongue and this dream symbol happened when the woman was pregnant so it likely pertains to her unborn fetus.

2. If the pregnant woman is poor, her born baby will grow up to become a servant who will eventually wander away from his workplace because the snake icon means the baby will not move in a straight line.

3. If the expectant mother falls ill during her pregnancy, this dream symbol predicts her child will have a disorder because the snake is the prophetic symbol and her illness means her baby will probably be born with illness too.


Artemidorus. The Interpretation of Dreams. A new translation by Martin Hammond. Oxford’s World Classics. 2020.

Page xxi

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