How to interpret dreams of herpes

Read how to interpret dreams of herpes here.

If you dream having signs or symptoms of herpes, and you know in waking life you do have them, it means your body is asking you to get a medical checkup.

If you dream seeing signs of herpes on your sexual partner and you did see these in waking life, it probably means your subconscious brain has sent you this message to warn you.

If you think you caught herpes from a previous sexual partner, you should consult your G.P. You may need oral medication and application of external medication. You need to inform your present sexual partner. You may like to attend a couple’s consultation for advice, at your regular medical clinic.

If you think your present sexual partner has herpes and transmitted it to you, you need to be informed of your choices. If you don’t understand what herpes is, consult your doctor.

If neither you, nor your sex partner has herpes but you dreamed of this sexual disease, it can mean you have a guilty conscience about something in your relationship. At the back of your mind, you nurse insecurity about your relationship. You may be cringing with thoughts of something unpleasant and that anxiety can manifest in your dream as herpes, a dreaded disease.

If you do have herpes, or you know that your sex partner has it, then you may dream of herpes. This disease is impossible to cure. The patient consumes antiviral medicines to reduce the quantity of virus they shed. This reduces the chances of infecting their intimate relationship partner. The patient with herpes may feel dirty, guilty and stigmatized because this disease is incurable.

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