Dream interpretation of coffin

Dream interpretation of coffin.

What’s the meaning of dreaming of a coffin? In real life, the coffin is a much feared image. However in dream world, it is a good omen. The coffin symbolizes the burial of bad things, which paves the path for good fortune to come your way. In some museums and quirky themed cafes, coffins are on display for the public to get up close and touch them. Many modern people who scoff at superstition use this as the perfect photo opportunity. Some places even allow tourists and visitors to get into the coffin, to experience what it is like to lie inside. It is kind of morbid for the faint-hearted.  Would you try this out?

Oct. 28 2016 – I dreamed I saw a relative lying inside a coffin. I placed his pair of spectacles inside his coffin. Meaning of dream – Seen literally, this dream may mean the relative has to take care of his health. The dream symbol of a coffin does not mean death is expected. Rather, it means the burial of old issues, improvement and maybe, also good results to come.

Updated Oct. 19 2018 – The relative has sought extensive treatment for his health problems. His health seems to have improved by leaps and bounds after medical intervention.

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