Dream interpretation hand sanitizers

At the start of COVID-19, (Coronavirus Disease 2019), hand sanitizers disappeared from the shelves of pharmacies, supermarkets and all retailers. Shoppers started to fly into panic mode. From where would they get this precious commodity? They were so accustomed to hand sanitizers that surgical spirit seemed inferior to it. Some people were worried about their lack of hand sanitizers. They began to be obsessively paranoid about it. They hunted for hand sanitizers high and low, in every nook and cranny that once sold them.

Some people even dreamed about hand sanitizers. Some dreamed they were stressed about the lack of hand sanitizers. At least one sleeper woke up in fear after a nightmare about hand sanitizers.

A dreamer with a guilty conscience will think that their hands, mind and body are dirty. Their misdeeds tainted their physical self. Their mental state is troubled. They wash their hands with soap and water. They use hand sanitizer, disinfectant, antiseptic or any other mode to wash off their guilt.

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