Dream interpretation COVID-19

Dreaming of seeing the COVID-19 can be due to waking life anxieties over contacting this virus. This Coronavirus is infectious and causes a range of symptoms, varying from flu to pneumonia. There is no known drug that has been developed to treat this new virus so doctors use a mix of drugs to tackle the deadly virus’ effects. COVID-19 is the new kid on the block of viruses. Living under the umbrella of COVID-19 and its associated inconveniences and fears, have triggered my dream. Little is known about this virus and this fueled my fears. Furthermore, people who are exposed to patients with this diagnosis (of having COVID-19), are slapped with mandatory quarantine of 14 days. The site of this isolation will be determined by the authorities. When an entire family living together is quarantined, there is no one else in the family who is able to help to co-ordinate the daily chores to ensure the continued survival. The family can try to buy food and other necessities via apps and online shopping. However, due to the recent surge in shopping for groceries, there is no guarantee that stocks are available for sale and delivery. There would be a need to use the good old fashioned mode of shopping, which is on foot. The anxiety of the unknown adds more stress and anxieties.