Dream interpretation no thermometer

In the midst of the health epidemic of COVID-19, medical supplies like face masks, hand sanitizers and thermometers , have run out. In a city with several million people, there are zero stocks for face masks, hand sanitizers and thermometers. The public can’t buy these consumer supplies because there are no stocks.

People like me started nursing anxieties and fears. At night, I dreamed I was searching for my thermometer. I searched high and low for it. I figuratively broke up in a sweat and woke up feeling anxious. In real life, I knew I had at least one digital thermometer and one old fashioned mercury thermometer. I went to my medicine cabinet to look for these thermometers. My dream seemed so real that I had to physically see my thermometers in order to set my anxieties aside.

This dream of feeling anxious over the fear of missing thermometers, or the lack of thermometers, was probably triggered by the real life events of experiencing a virus outbreak. That is the meaning of the dream.

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