Dream interpretation flags

If you dream flags, the dream interpretation is about countries. For flags are usually emblems of countries. Do you recognize the flag? Does it belong to a country? Or is it an invented fag that does not represent any country in the world?

If you recognize the flag, you will get a hint of why that country was featured in your dream. Perhaps in your day, you had some thoughts or related matters pertaining to that country. This can explain why this theme was continued into your dream at night.

If you do not recognize the flag, but wish to do a check to confirm your suspicions, you may like to look up the flags of all the countries, by doing a google search online. Type in a search term like flags of countries and you’ll get a chart with all the flags of the countries of the world.

If you can confirm that the fag you saw in your dream does not belong to any country, then you have to treat your dream symbol as creation of your imagination. This too, has meaning. It can mean the hint is to travel to a new country.

If you are in circumstances where you are searching for answers, then this dream offers some suggestions.