Dream interpretation court-house

If you dream of a court-house, what’s the dream interpretation? It can mean you have an ongoing issue, which needs to be settled soon. If you have a choice of a better, low key solution, like a mediation, then your dream is a reminder of the reality that you face. You may choose between mediation, or going to court, to settle that matter.

Another dream interpretation of a court-house is that someone’s dirty laundry is being aired in public. Are you going through this type of situation now? Do you think you’re being publicly shamed? What can you do to avoid this? Do you want to seek recourse to address the injustice leveled at you?

If you are called to jury duty, then your dream of court-house, only points to that fact. It is natural to be anxious, curious or apprehensive, being called to perform your civic duty, as a juror. There is no special association with this dream, based on your normal circumstances.

The Mystery of the Mysterious Court-house

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