Dream interpretation one hundred rats

The Case of the Hundred Rats

If you dream of one rat, it is likely to mean you have a traitor in your life

Consequently, if you dream of one hundred rats, does it mean you have one hundred traitors in your life?

This dream is a warning about possible threats in your life. The nature of threat is likely to come from “rats”; meaning traitors who betray you.

Rats as a dream symbol, have meanings:

There are basically three types of rats. They are sewer rats, roof rats and house mice.

Rats live in burrows underground, or in nests. These rat homes are susceptible to flooding. The rats will scurry to move to dry grounds. Flooding destroys natural sources of rat food like insects, snails, and waste food in garbage bins.

What does it mean when you dream of rats indoors:

Dreaming of rats indoors and inside your home means your external environment has become unfavorable to rats and that’s why they came indoors. Usually, there is flooding to send rats scurrying for dry grounds. Your house has a roof and shelter from the rain. Rats are smart and memorize important locations like locations of food, water, paths, shelter and environmental features. They trust old memories and will avoid locations of traps. They distrust new food found in new positions. That is why new traps are untouched.

Why did you dream of rats?

Is your brain telling you to compare yourself to a rat? Maybe you have some good traits like intelligence, resourcefulness and adaptability.