Covid-19 causes mental health problems and you must be aware of these

in order to prepare yourself in the aftermath. If you contact this Coronavirus. Covid-19 causes mental health problems like confusion, disorientation and a state of unresponsive stupor. A patient may show one or more of these symptoms. The signs of changed mental abilities are short attention span, forgetfulness in short term memory, confusion, inability to respond and react to stimuli and other mental deficiencies. The general term to envelop all these symptoms of brain damage is called encephalopathy. After the brain degenerates with encephalopathy, the patient’s health declines and they are more likely to die, in comparison to other patients who had Covid-19, but are without encephalopathy.

Respiratory problems did not trigger encephalopathy. Patients who had respiratory problems and used the ventilator did not have a higher mortality rate. What boosted the mortality rate was the presence of encephalopathy.

How to help patients post Covid-19, who have been discharged from hospital:

The hospital or family members should arrange close supervision of the patient. If it is appropriate, the patient could be placed in a rehab center to re-learn basic survival skills that they formerly were able to perform independently.

What you can do to help yourself:

Wear your face mask every time you step out of your home. Practice social distancing.

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