The New York Times Connections video game or not

This post is about related New York Times Connections video game or not.

I wanted to have a post here about Pandemic writing prompts as suggested by the New York Times (NYT).

NYT 12 Ideas For Writing Through The Pandemic With The New York Times.

Here is the summary of the 12 ideas:

  1. Diaries/ Covid-19 Pandemic Journal. (can be a combo of writing, poem, photo, comic)
  2. Personal essays.
  3. Poetry
  4. Letter to editor.
  5. Editorial
  6. Review
  7. How to do something guide.
  8. 36 Hours to …
  9. Essay inspired by photo.
  10. Comic inspired by pandemic.
  11. Podcast.
  12. Revise and rewrite your works.

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