Circle dream, dream interpretation circle, dreaming circles

Surrounded by people – personal space is limited

Circle dream
If you dream seeing a circle, it could mean you are seeing completion of a project.

If you are in your late adulthood, your dreaming of circles could mean you realize you’ve completed some episodes in life.

If you dream of standing in a big circle, it could mean you had an anxiety of being hexed. You could have felt you faced a spell of bad luck, where events did not turn out favorably for you. You suspect someone could be sabotaging your efforts to do well.

If you dream of standing outside a circle, it could mean you feel alienated in society. Perhaps you feel that you’re being left out in social events. Or you lack social interaction.

Dream interpretation circle
The meaning of dreaming or a circle or circles, depends on your personal experiences in daytime. Your unique circumstances could have triggered this dream of circles. Think about which dream interpretation suits your present situation.

Dream of carrying a bag containing balls.

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