Cherry Dream, Erotic Cherry Dream

Cherry erotic dream

Cherry Dream
The cherry is a symbolic fruit. You see multiple uses for the cherry. It can be a topping for a cake like the Black Forrest cake. It can be a garnish for an alcoholic drink.

Real life value for cherries:
It has vitamins, fiber, minerals, folic acid, and anti-oxidants.

Erotic Cherry Dream
It resembles the erotic genitalia of the female. If you’re a female and dream of the cherry in an arousing manner, then you maybe feeling the sexual urge during your day. The cherry can belong to you, or another woman.

If you’re a male and dream of the female cherry, it means you have a sexual desire. The secret wish that was in the deep recess of your brain has triggered this dream.

However, if you already have an affinity for cherries, then this dream imagery simply means you have nostalgia for this fruit.

Meaning Of Cherry Picking Dreaming
Cherry picking means to choose the best of the selection available. It is a selfish move, to select the best and leave the second best or worst, to others.

This dream can be a reminder of your behavior, or someone else’s behavior. Do you see cherry picking in real life? What is your response to this selfish behavior? Would you excuse this as an act of human nature?

A cherry picker (person) can be a threat to you because they take away all the best opportunities, leaving you with none. If you had faced a difficult person who was your competitor, then this might have triggered an non-erotic dream about a cherry or cherries.

Interpretation Cherry Dream
The meaning of this dream depends on your associations with this symbol. If you had encounters with this cherry symbol in your waking life, then this theme is carried forward into your dream. If the cherry held a certain meaning for you in real life, then it is likely to hold the same meaning for you in your dream.

The dream of cherry can be a reminder, warning, nostalgia or hold other meanings. The meaning depends on you and your circumstances. Your context decides the meaning of the cherry dream symbol.

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