Sticky note dream, dreaming of Post-it

Meaning of dreaming of a letter.

Sticky note dream
One night, I dreamed I had a sticky note stuck on my refrigerator door. The sticky was a reminder to do something. I read it and tried to remember it in my head. Then I was busy. I forgot to do the task that was written on my sticky. After a while, I had forgot what was written on the note. I tried to recollect but couldn’t. I went to look for my sticky note but it had disappeared. I was upset because I knew there was an important activity which I was supposed to do, and I had messed up by forgetting about it AND losing the sticky note reminder.

Dreaming of Post-it
I use Post-it notes often during my day. I guess this theme of using Post-it notes has continued into my dream because of the frequency I use them.

Another message from this dream can be a reminder to use Post-it papers because I tend to forget my list of things to do.

A dream about Post-its can be a reminder to buy this item. When I checked my supply of Post-its, I found it to be low. Then I thought about the relevancy of my dream. Maybe I knew about this and my brain had triggered this dream to remind me to buy a new supply of Post-it notes.

Dreaming of Post-it, sticky note, letter boxes.

To dream of seeing sticky notes, aka post-it notes, can mean you are very busy. You have made plans to accomplish many tasks and you want to remember to complete them. Hence, the sticky note reminders.

Another dream interpretation is that you have omitted or forgotten to do something, and this dream imagery of sticky notes, wants to jolt this memory, for you get to it.

A dreamer once told me that she had a nightmare, where her office wall was plastered with sticky notes. She had so many tasks to perform that she felt overwhelmed and broke down. She woke up to find herself sobbing over this dream. She had a panic attack, because she thought she was sinking under the weight of all those post-it notes telling her to do so many tasks.

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