Frayed dream, dreaming of frayed clothes, overexposure dream

Dreaming of frayed clothes, frayed shorts dream, frayed top dream.

Frayed dream

A dream of frayed clothes is not good. It suggests the dreamer will face financial difficulties. Finances are frayed. Wearing frayed clothes is a symbol of hardship and unprepared state. Your present state in life is not good. You need to plan, work and bring yourself up to a better level.

Dreaming of frayed clothes

This dream could be a simulation of a threat. It tells you to start preparations to take care of your primary needs.

Overexposure dream

The wearing of frayed clothes means you may be overexposing yourself. You need to wear more decent clothing. In real life, there could be other issues that overexpose you. For instance, your personal life and acts could be gossiped about and exposing your privacy in an unfair manner. Your data could be compromised in an overexposure act.

Writing prompt – clothes.

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  1. Take good care of your privacy. Don’t post too much about yourself on social media especially facebook and instagram. Some people you may call friends are actually backstabbers and may use your information against you.
    Now I get it why you refused to tell me where you come from. I totally understand. Take good care of yourself.

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