Dream of lathering, dreaming of bathing

Dreaming of lathering, soap lather dream.

Dreaming of lathering

In your dream, you are working up a lather with your soap. You are scrubbing at a stubborn stain. You desire to clean out the mark. You can help yourself to decipher this dream, by reflecting on your situation in waking reality. Do you think your hands are clean from wrong doing? is there anything you feel bad about? The lathering and cleaning are metaphors to refer to the desire to exonerate oneself from the immoral, or clean up after the act.


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Dreaming of bathing

Sometimes, when the dreamer’s conscience is not clear, they are plagued by anxiety, worry and stress. These mental, emotional and psychological burdens are carried into sleep as themes for dreams. The dreamer desires to take a bath and clean away the stains by bathing. However, the guilt is so strong that no amount of scrubbing can remove the feeling of being immoral and stained.

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