Boots: Dream Interpretation #13

Dreaming of shoes.

Twitter GUIDO v5 @realOMU #drawingprompt 20180822 said to draw a air of shoes. That’s my North Star casual shoes drawn on paper recycled from a fastfood restaurant’s paper bag. The franchise is the one with the golden arches.

I’m making a point on using recycled paper to reduce waste. Otherwise I would be buying stacks of white cards for art. The more paper I buy, more supplies will be ordered to replenish the shelf of the stationary store. Then the factory manufacturing paper will receive more orders to produce more paper. More raw materials from trees will be sourced to make new paper.

Dreaming of Adidas slides.

One of my friends narrated her dream of owning a pair of Adidas slides. The design was simply black and white stripes like old school prison stripes. She listened to her inner consciousness to own a pair of these slides and bought them. Needless to say, she never dreamed about having a pair of Adidas slides again.

Dreaming of boots.

How the dream image of boots was related to my life:

One night, I dreamed of owning a pair of boots. I was surprised by this dream image as I had never EVER thought about buying boots, much less wearing them.

About one year later, I had the occasion to buy AND wear boots. I traveled somewhere where the weather was cold and boots was a necessary item instead of a fashion accessory. I hate to admit that my dream was a predictive type of prophesy. One way of explaining is that the Universe knew I  would require boots and sent that imagery into my dream.

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