Longevity dream, dreaming of old age, dream meaning long life (updated)

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Longevity dream
Some people may dream of longevity, that is, living to a ripe old age. If the dreamer has a family history of having long lives, then this dream merely replays the message of the dreamer expecting to live to an old age.

If the dreamer does not have family genes that suggest their DNA supports living a long life then this dream of longevity may be a false dream. This means the sleeper desired to live long, and the dream was their wish to fulfill that desire. The brain created the dream to grant the wish to the sleeper.

Dreaming of old age
It is difficult to dream of old age because the brain has memories of the past, and not of the future. The brain has stored memories of childhood, right up to adulthood, where the actual age of the sleeper is.

To dream of old age, when the sleeper is not that old, can mean that the body is weak, or ill. The ailing part can send signals to the brain, to inform that it is sick and needs medical attention The dreamer should take notice of this type of message, and get a medical checkup. The full blood test is the main method of diagnosing for signs of deficiency or illness.

Dream meaning long life
Parents may dream of staying alive to a ripe old age, if they had been anxious about caring for their children. Some parents are concerned about helping their children and how they would survive after their passing. This kind of thoughts can trigger the unconscious brain to set off dreams related to the theme of longevity.

Thoughts for pondering
Would you choose longevity over good health? Do you want to live into a ripe old age if your body is weak and your health is ailing?

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