Longevity dream, dreaming of old age, dream meaning long life (updated)

The sage presents a stalk of sage to you.

Longevity dream
Some people may dream of longevity, that is, living to a ripe old age. If the dreamer has a family history of having long lives, then this dream merely replays the message of the dreamer expecting to live to an old age. Genes can help to determine how long a person can live. 

If the dreamer does not have family genes that suggest their DNA supports living a long life then this dream of longevity may be a false dream. This means the sleeper desired to live long, and the dream was their wish to fulfill that desire. The brain created the dream to grant the wish to the sleeper.

Dreaming of old age
It is difficult to dream of old age because the brain has memories of the past, and not of the future. The brain has stored memories of childhood, right up to adulthood, where the actual age of the sleeper is.

To dream of old age, when the sleeper is not that old, can mean that the body is weak, or ill. The ailing part can send signals to the brain, to inform that it is sick and needs medical attention The dreamer should take notice of this type of message, and get a medical checkup. The full blood test is the main method of diagnosing for signs of deficiency or illness.

Dream meaning long life
Parents may dream of staying alive to a ripe old age, if they had been anxious about caring for their children. Some parents are concerned about helping their children and how they would survive after their passing. This kind of thoughts can trigger the unconscious brain to set off dreams related to the theme of longevity.

Thoughts for pondering
Would you choose longevity over good health? Do you want to live into a ripe old age if your body is weak and your health is ailing?

Supermarket queue. Would you allow someone to jump queue?

Dream symbol that shows longevity:

The dream imagery that is associated with longevity depends on the culture of the dreamer. In the western hemisphere, generally longevity is associated with very old people. If you see an elderly person, you tend to think that s/he has longevity to live to a ripe old age.

In Chinese culture, longevity is linked to the fruit peach. Myth has it that the peach is a special, heavenly fruit with many good qualities.

A dream that indicates long life:

The type of dream imagery that shows longevity depends on your personal associations with what you know as indicative of long life. Your background, family traditions, culture and society play important factors with what you have been taught as pertaining to longevity. For example, some cultures in the East believe that eating one stalk of chilli a day will help to prolong life. The Chinese culture respects the peach as a fruit that can give long life. Perhaps there are vitamins and minerals to nourish the body for a longer life.

What are the activities you can do in practical life, to increase your chances of living longer?

The British Journal of Sports Medicine did a research study on the effects of exercise on. health. It said that brisk physical activity like walking, of at least 11 minutes a day, could reduce the risk of heart diseases, cancer, and eventually, earlier death.

Dream of longevity that is also a prophesy:

One night, I dreamed of my dead grandfather. We had an ordinary conversation, just like those back in the days. The thought that he had crossed over to The Other Side never entered my mind. He reminded me to take care of my health. He asked me about my job. He said to be content with a job that keep my body and soul together. I wanted to rebut that there was so much I desired but missed out because of my low pay. A simple job devoid of excessive stress also kept my ambitions at bay as I was on a shoestring budget. What did grandfather know? He was content to live his retirement at home, spending time on newspapers, TV, reading books and having the odd relatives dropping in occasionally. It was a simple life style that saw grand-dad live up to his 80s.

Dreaming of longevity and how to handle this prophesy:

With the advance of new medical knowledge, science and technology, humans are able to extend their lives beyond 80 years old. With increasing prolonged life span, money becomes a concern to pay for basic living expenses, given that an old person’s earning capacity dwindles.

How should one age, while living life modestly well? We are what we eat, so we have to take care of diet and nutrition. Our brain cells need stimulation to continue working so we require activities to invigorate them. No man is an island as we require human interaction to exercise our language and communication skills.

Is longevity in your genes? Do you have close relatives who have lived to ripe old age? You probably have similar genes. Your conscious or unconscious mind may have invented a dream about longevity, to remind you to make preparations for advancing age.

The human body struggles to cope with longevity as the years wear it down. one of the deadly diseases that knocks down an ageing human is dementia. This disease causes deterioration of the brain. This leads to poor health and slowly removes the probability of longevity.

Fortunately, medical science has discovered ways to slow the march of dementia. One of these is to fight off depression. For when depression stress strikes, the person does not take care of their health and it goes downhill.

The presence of other factors interfere with longevity. If you dream of living to longevity but you don’t feel too good in waking life, it is a message to take care of your health. You need a medical check up and professional guidance on how to improve your health. Co-existing medical conditions may cause secondary diseases. For example, patients with primary problems of diabetes and overweight, can get a secondary consequence illness like dementia.

To facilitate longevity, the person should fight depression, inertia and their consequential primary and secondary diseases. Social interaction is one way. Group activity connects people. In a research group, they found that when a group of young old and old old seniors got together, they slowly made connections. Those who were young old, started to care for the old old.

Old women who are widows and old men who are widowers may feel lonely. This isn’t good as prolonged sadness often leads to depression and its consequences. Being disconnected with one’s society can be lonely. Some of these singles are receptive to starting dating to seek a new partner. Since happiness is the antidote to depression, then happiness helps seniors to walk towards longevity. Seniors who are interested to live longer would try to do whatever it takes to live longer.

Generally, humans are afraid of death. They desire to live as long as possible. They would like to outlive their beloved relatives, in order to take care of them until their last breath. While longevity is desired, these elderly who outlive their relatives will then face their twilight years alone. How will they call for help? Cell phones! Family members, relatives, close friends and neighbors can be a phone call or text message away.

Seniors can tap into extended networks like hobby groups, religious groups, groups with faith roots, and community ageing centers. Humans are creatures of habit. So when an old person suddenly misses a session of hobby or interest group gathering, it is odd, out of character and cause for concern. Other tell-tale signs of being missing are not seeing the senior in their usual routine, mail piling up in their letter box, or hoarding junk in their home. Fellow members of the group would feel motivated enough to get in touch with the missing member and enquire about what happened. The missing person could have been sick, depressed, or unable to attend for other reasons. The community may try to render assistance.

Some ageing parents whose adult children have kids of their own, find themselves taking care of their grandchildren. This is very time consuming and also encroaches into the personal privacy and space of the ageing senior, who may want to use their free time developing their personal growth, hobbies and friendships. some seniors may struggle with their health and find it tiring to care for young grandchildren.

Not every old old adult relishes the experience of longevity when they outlive their close relatives and friends. They may feel. tired of living. Medicine has made it possible to live longer than our predecessors. However, not everyone is able to enjoy the quality of life.

Flow chart to decode meanings for dreaming of long life (longevity):

Flow chart after dreaming of longevity
How to decipher this dream of longevity

Flow chart to determine ageing, aged or super-aged society.

Flow chart to determine ageing, aged or super-aged society
Flow chart to determine ageing, aged or super-aged society

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