Bicycle: Dream Interpretation #16

Person cycling on bike.

Writing prompt “bicycle“.

In your dream image of cycling on a bicycle, how did you see yourself? Were you cycling well? If your ride was smooth, it signals that inĀ  waking life, you will have a smooth ride to your destination.

If you fall off your bicycle, it means you will face hardship in waking life.

Were there other cyclists with you? Were you keeping pace with them? If you were cycling faster and appear ahead of them, then it means you will be ahead of your peers in life. If you were cycling behind them, it means you are slow and behind others in waking life.

Did you take care of your bicycle by locking it after using it? This will show your level of meticulous care. If you are careful in your dream, it means you are also careful in waking life. taking care of your belongings means you will save them from loss and non-necessary expenditures in paying to replace lost items.

If you dream that your bicycle was impaired by a tire puncture, damaged brake, or etc., it means you will face hardship in life.


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