Belly Button Dream, Dreaming of BellyButton

Young woman exposes midriff belly button in cropped top.

Belly Button Dream

The belly button came about after a baby was born. The placenta connected the unborn baby to the mother’s bloodstream via the umbilical cord. The cord joined to the baby at the point where the belly button will become. After delivery, the cord was cut near the baby’s belly and the stub that remained had to be tied. This stub would dry up naturally and fall off after a few days, to reveal a small depression that is called the belly button. It was essential to keep the stub clean and dry to prevent infection from seeping in and attacking the baby.

While the baby was in the womb, the umbilical cord and placenta were vital for its nourishment and survival. After the baby was born, the belly button was a reminder of the connection to the mother.

In the 20 – 21st centuries, it is fashionable to show off a toned abdomen and the accompanying belly button.

Dreaming of BellyButton

This can mean exposure of one’s vulnerable parts. That area used to be the most important part of the unborn baby. A dream about the belly button can be interpreted as a warning about a threat that aims to attack your weakest area. Furthermore, the abdomen is a very important region of the body as it houses organs and the digestive tract.

We can protect ourselves by preparing measures to handle difficulties. We can also avoid danger by distancing ourselves. Take good care of yourselves.


  1. I just had a dream that I was flying! I was supposed to be heading home on a scooter but suddenly I am wearing wings and flying. I kept flying in and out big buildings including a big new famous mosque that has been built recently in Egypt. I never reached home.

  2. Hi Kareem. Thanks for your kindness in supporting my blog. Writing has often been a quiet journey into the hopeful unknown.

    Your dream continues your main theme in your head which is ever present in your conscious and unconscious mind. You wish to soar in your professional career as well as your personal life. You are not heading back to your same home. Since your vehicle was a scooter, you probably don’t have much room for more than one pillion rider. This reflects your desire to make room for one partner. Big buildings represent lofty ambitions. You’re going to travel to castles in the air – the goals you made for yourself.

    There will be no glass ceilings for you if you chose to exit a confined space because you flew out of the restrictions. There’s no returning to the old familiar territory of home because you’ve grown out of it. Your home is where you make that to be.

    Dreams could be invented from the deep recesses of your brain. They are your desires. Dreams may not be prophetic unless you are sure they came from the great Universe, who was answering your question. This means you still need to walk on the right path to achieve your goals. We can’t expect life to hand us whatever we desire, on a silver platter. The road is strewn with litter so we tread carefully.

    As always, my best wishes to you.

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