Dream of Bargain, Dreaming of Bargain

Bargain, buy a bargain

Dream of Bargain

To dream of a bargain can mean good news is coming. You are going to save some money with a good bargain.

On the other hand, there is another meaning of bargain. It can mean a negotiation. You should reflect on your context in real life. Are you facing a negotiation? Are you asked to trade points to come to a compromise? Perhaps this dream reminds you to consider a bargain. Maybe you and the other party can come to a win-win compromise.

Dreaming of Bargain

The meaning of the dream depends on your present situation in life. Dreams usually continue themes we face in waking reality. A dream can indicate the issue that was troubling us.

Word prompt from #SBSADrawingADay September 20 2019 bargain, #SBS

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