Back to basics: Mindful Doodles #91

Mindful Doodles #91:
The skyscraper kissed the sky. Over the years, so many skyscrapers were constructed such that they have become a big crowd. Now they compete for a piece of the sky.

“Give me some sky”, cry an old skyscraper.

“Quiet! You’re being obliterated.”

New skyscrapers are few and far in-between old ones as land scarcity is a reality. This developed city is running out of traditional jobs for Generation X and Y. Workers who are retrenched return to their roots to man basic jobs like taking charge of game stalls. The ring toss game never runs old.

Be mindful to appreciate basic skills like target practice.

Mindful Doodles is a series of comic/ cartoon drawn on assimilating stimuli that comes into my mind. My surrounding and environment are dynamic. As events happen, the stimuli enters my brain and I pay attention to them. I am not mentally disturbed as I pay due respect to each stimulus. I ponder upon how I would deal with the stimulus, to manage the situation. I try to discover what lesson the Universe bestows on me in this encounter. I write my discovery as my Mindful Thought of the Day.

Why be mindful? By paying time and attention to a disturbing stimulus, you deal  with it. It ceases to be new and disruptive to you. You have released anxiety. You have greatly reduced your mental stress.

Mindful Thought of the Day:
Be mindful of the day when we have to go back to basics, like running a ring toss game stall.

Writing prompt “The skyscraper kissed the sky“.


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