Adventurer & Wizard: Dream Interpretation #5

How Adventurer & Wizard dreams relate to your life

Many of us have dreamed of being an adventurer or wizard. Sometimes, we don’t recognize we desire to be adventurers  when we dream of traveling to exotic destinations and enjoying the local amenities. Dreams reflect themes in our waking life. If you have thought of being an adventurer, like going to explore a certain place, or methodology, then you might dream about it. Your dream continues the theme you were engaged in, during your day.

Luckily for us, modern civilization has bridged the gaps in language, understanding cultures and tourism. We don’t need to learn magic to enjoy traveling adventures. There are contemporary wizards in the guise of traditional medicine men. They diagnose common and uncommon ailments and prescribe remedies. Have you met this kind of wizard? Would you entrust your health to them if you are in need of medical attention to address an illness?

If you dream of a wizard, it could mean that you had thought about getting a solution for a problem. The challenge maybe difficult for you to  even consider seeking a wizard, to find a solution. Try breaking down the problem. Tackle the small parts and slowly, you’ll solve the whole problem.

Adventurer and wizard.


Adventurer and wizard.