X-ray dream interpretation: Dreaming of X-ray

Dreaming of X-ray
One night, I dreamed I saw an X-ray film. I knew it was important and tried to understand it. I was so puzzled trying to figure it out that I woke up.

X-ray dream interpretation
A dream continues a theme in your daytime. I probably was in a theme that featured an X-ray during my waking hours the previous day.

An X-ray is an investigation into the depths of a portion of a body. It reveals the hidden beneath the mass of flesh.

Dreaming about an X-ray could mean that your body is trying to inform you to take note of your health. Maybe an internal organ has sent a message to your brain, saying an investigation is required to discover what’s wrong with a certain part of your body.

As an X-ray reveals the hidden depths of the body, it could be a metaphor saying there are issues hidden beneath your surface. These concerns could be problems, which are tangible or intangible in nature. If the trouble is not physiological, then it could be a psychological one.

The opposite pole of this X-ray dream imagery can also be applied. This means that instead of using the dream interpretation that an X-ray reveals, the contrast can be implied. That is, you have an inner fear that an X-ray can reveal what you don’t want to show. The dream of an X-ray could be a threat/ simulation of a threat. It tells you to be aware of the threatening situation where an X-ray can reveal the bare truth to the doctor and other people around you.

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