Wordless book reviews

This book worm will crawl your book pages to draw pictures of scenes, & post them as nearly wordless book reviews.

Does anybody want to do a mutual promo? I can buy your book, & draw pics of scenes for a pictorial book review to promote the book. I’ll make posts here in this blog. You must help to tweet, promote the posted links on social media &/or email your contacts to visit the links and help yourself too. Tell your friends about my wordless book reviews; help them sell their books and help bring web traffic to this blog. Leave your book links in the comments. I’m reading SFW books. I’m trying this idea out. Thank you.

Examples of drawings for book reviews:

Zora from On Beauty by Zadie Smith: creative book review.

Book review in pictures.

Is Bryce Zehring a Lurker? Art in book review.

Indelicacy by Amina Cain (pic #1).

Indelicacy by Amina Cain (pic #2).

Vitoria has Antoinette: Indelicacy (pic #4).

Prompt: Post a pic for Wordless Wednesday; latest post.

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