Dream of sitting on sofa

If you dream of sitting on sofa, it can mean you like to be in a comfortable place. You may be having different memories of being on the sofa. Some significant events in your life could have happened while you were in the living room, seated on the sofa.

If the sofa is old and going to run out of its useful days, you may have a tinge of regret at having to finally dispose of your old sofa. The nostalgia may trigger dreams with old memories.

For instance, a woman dreamed of her sofa in the living room. It had a. Back story to it. After reading the context of her circumstances, you would understand why she dreamed of such ordinary and mundane objects.

This is the story of the sofa who got left behind.

The former owners of an apartment moved out their furniture. Except one big ass long set are sofa. It was too broad and too long to ease comfortably through the main door.

One day before completion of the sale of the apartment, the owners decided they had to temporarily leave their sofa behind. They didn’t have time to think of strategies to smuggle their plus sized Sofa out through the main door. They couldn’t amputate its limbs to reduce its size. They couldn’t unhinge its Spine to slim it to wriggle through the door frame.

Before saying farewell to their Sofa baby, they snuggled it tight in a warm embrace. They wrapped the circumference of the sofa in protective plastic.

Sofa Quintuplet baby, you’ll be reunited with your siblings, the Single Seater Sofas. Mama needs to get the right number of workers to carry you down. You’ll enjoy your last elevator ride down your old home. Then we’ll load you into a spacious truck for your exciting journey along the road to your new home. You’ll never be lonely again.

They’re sorry they abandoned you when they moved away. They’re making amends by returning to fetch you.

The new resident of the apartment told their housing agent they wouldn’t be dismantling the main door to change it. It looked like Sofa Baby was trapped in the apartment forever.

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