This is what Eiffel Tower mean to me personally

What does the Eiffel Tower mean to me personally?

I was not meant to climb the Eiffel Tower. My plane had a stopover in Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris. I was too sick to leave the airport to go sight-seeing. I had vertigo on the flight and immediately after landing. My B.P. did not allow me to function normally. For my entire life, I had been reading about the Eiffel Tower and Paris. After about a fortnight, we flew home. Unknown to us in mid-air, Paris was suffering a terrorist attack on November 15, 2015. All flights from Paris had to be given extra security screening. When we landed on our homeland, it was mayhem because of the disorderly crowd around the screeners. The security team was assembled in a haphazard way. We got through without incident. Now, whenever I see a photo of the Eiffel Tower, it reminds me of the terrorist attacks of November 15 2015.

Feb 15 2021 prompt #69.




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