Take Seven and run

Pensitivity has compiled her list of word prompts for the past 7 days. She calls this writing challenge Take Seven. Take all seven days of words to write or take less than all 7 days of words.

Take Seven Mar 19 2021. The words are:

burnout, burst, catch, choices, deceit, development, fact, frustration, gullible, heavy, lie, line, marriage, pants, ponder, resort, robust, run, shoulder, string, stuffing.

Here we go:


Its never a good practice to work so hard that you suffer a burnout. Once upon a time, you were gullible, falling for deceit which were lies from development of negative facts

Once your combustible energy has all burst into flames, you have two choices left. You either rest to catch a recharge, or drag on heavy body and feet to shoulder your burden. You ponder the thin line between responsibility, and the female or male wearing the pants in a marriage. The robust frustration may resort to cut strings and cumbersome stuffings to run.