Sunny Sky Dream, Dreaming of sunny sky,

Dreaming of sunny sky. Watercolor on paper.

Sunny Sky Dream

My innate desire to live peacefully and happily sometimes turns up in dreams. Once in a very blue moon, I dream of being in a place with a sunny sky. I would be doing my normal activities, like those I do in my daily routine. The sunny sky allowed me to walk around, run my errands and perform my chores with ease. I don’t drive so I welcome sunny skies and dry weather to enable me to travel from point to point conveniently. I had damaged more than one pair of shoes and sandals in the rain. They don’t make footwear to last in wet weather. My money was washed away in the pouring rain as my shoes and sandals got unglued with water.

Dreaming of sunny sky

In dreams, the latent meaning of sunny sky is good climate for you in many ways. If you had faced a tough time, then dreaming of sunny sky means your luck will turn around.

#WorldWatercolorMonth prompt for July 2 2019 is sunny sky.

Painting doesn’t look sunny because of the paper quality. I would have painted more for this prompt if I had the idea and inspiration. I hope to paint another picture or paint over this one and upload it another time.

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