Dreaming of paddling, Dream of rowing, Dream of boating

Dreaming of paddling, dream of rowing, Dream of boating

Dreaming of paddling

The meaning of this dream depends on the context of the situation. Were you paddling for leisure or to get away from danger? If you dreamed you paddled for sports or for fun as a pastime, it means you’ll see good times ahead. Dreaming of leisurely activities can predict a good life where you’ll have the facilities and resources to enjoy pursuits for exercise, fun and self-improvement.

Dreaming of paddling in a risky situation where you had to escape from danger, is a warning. There is a glimmer of hope because you had a vehicle, which is your boat, with which you could paddle to get away. Think about the worst scenario, where you could have dreamed you had nothing to help you.

Dream of rowing

Rowing and paddling are similar so the dream interpretations are the same.

Dream of boating

What type of boating event did you dream about? If you were on a luxury yacht, it means your financial situation will improve. If the yacht belonged to somebody else, it means you’re likely to socialize in high class circles and you’ll mingle with wealthy people.

Picture – Mixed media art using recycled paper, toothpicks, collage, art paper.

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