Dream of feet, meaning of dreaming of feet

Dream of feet, meaning of dreaming of feet.

To dream of feet means your theme during your day, has continued into your dreams. There are topics of concern related to the theme of feet. Your dream tells you that your feet are very important. They will take you anywhere you wish to go. In waking life, there could be something bothering you about your feet. Your dream could be a reminder to you to do something for your feet. You might decide to see a doctor, a podiatrist (specialist dealing with feet) Sometimes, when a part of the body as a problem, it sends signals to the brain. During the day, the person may be too busy to notice the subtle signals that call for attention to address the problem. During sleep, when input stimuli are reduced to almost nil, the brain has time and attention to attend to signals sent from parts of the body. Signals from the feet are received and noticed, which triggers this dream about feet.

A latent meaning could be that you may be asked to walk a lot. You might be going on a journey. If you have no plans to travel, then you might be doing a lot of walking on your feet.

If you were dreaming of feet of clay, it means you were not at your personal best. It could be a hint to you to make preparations to improve your lot.

If your work involves using your feet quite a lot, then this dream may not be out of the ordinary, or hold special meaning. Its because people dream of the themes that affect them during the day. Its a natural continuation from the day’s themes.

If you dream that your feet were laden and unable to move quickly, it could mean bad news. You were being hindered. This dream could be a message about your waking life and your circumstances. Sometimes, you are unable to change the phase of life you’re stuck in, until that period runs out. The dream could be a message to tell you that you’re being held back because of the sum total of forces that oppose your movement. You can wait out this phase, or think of drastic changes to ease yourself out of this situation.

To dream of hearing footsteps does not hold good meaning if you did not see the owner of these footsteps. You heard feet making sounds of footsteps and were unaware who made them. This type of dream is more of a warning of threat.

Pie Chart of the common dreams of feet:

Pie chart of common dream interpretations for feet
Pie chart of meanings for dream interpretations on feet.

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