Meaning of face in dream, Dreaming of Face

Surrounded by people – personal space is limited

If you see a face in a dream, it does not mean that is a real face of a human being. Its because in dreams, a face could be a composite image that was invented by putting together bits and pieces of different faces. The composed face may not belong to a real person.

If you see the face of some one you know, you may recognize the face because you are told by instinct of the identity of that person.

If you see the face of someone who you don’t know, you might be aware of that because of your “gut instinct” even in your dream.

If you see yourself surrounded by people, the identities of the people do not matter. Your dream wanted you to know you were surrounded by people.

If you see your own face with makeup, and in reality, you appear in public with makeup on, your dream says you are ready to face the world.

If in waking day you don’t use makeup, but dream of yourself with makeup, it means you have put on a mask. When you dream of yourself wearing a makeup mask, it means you are not in a good position. You should take care of yourself in your waking reality. There could be a situation that requires you to exercise caution.

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