Shrinking families & shrinking men

In some developing and developed countries, their populations are declining. This is what I see in my home, neighborhood and state.

  1. Men and women are delaying having babies.
  2. Women have babies but men don’t want to help raise them.
  3. Men desire babies but women aren’t ready to complicate their lives with kids.
  4. After a married couple has a child, then the mother has to work because they need money, or the marriage has broken up. The mother struggles to make ends meet. She hasn’t time or frame of mind to search for a new boyfriend helper.What if this new guy abandons her with a child too? Its now logistically and economically unfeasible to produce a second child.
  5. Grandparents are ageing and can’t help look after a grandchild.
  6. Grandparents came from broken marriages and certainly can’t cope with grandchild.
  7. Parents can’t afford to own a home for raising kids. They share accommodation with their parents, leading to stress and privacy issues.
  8. Parents who co-habit with their parents, can get the boot if they are not working to contribute money towards household expenses.
  9. Parents desire quality of life. They would rather spend money on a branded handbag than bearing a new baby.
  10. Parents desire branded everyday items of consumption and use because they don’t want to be humiliated in the public show of ego, among relatives and acquaintances.
  11. Women don’t want to spoil their figures by childbearing.

Just a doodle to accompany this post.

Artist impression of Gekyume’s baby feet.

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