Should this university lecturer initiate a sexual relationship with his adult student?

This debate is about this university lecturer who initiated a sexual relationship with his adult student. When someone respectable, holding a position of academic authority, does something controversial on a student, should he be prosecuted?

He thought he was untouchable, a kind of demi-god? He had a very important and good job. His student looked up to him for knowledge, guidance and mentorship. He could have picked someone from outside work. Yet he had to choose from within his circle of tutorage. He wanted a student who worshipped his position.

This is old. Once in a blue moon, bored university lecturers step out of their professional boundaries to violate their students. They know a certain act violates boundaries but yet they do it out of impulse. Or because they have an obsessive thought that says do that. People with varying mental illnesses experience psychosis, which makes them think they can do weird acts.

This is why people who commit crimes can be hauled into the psychiatric ward, to assess their mental states.

Here’s another story which is similar yet different.

A different teaching staff from a tertiary institution had a proposition for his new mentee. He asked her to hop on a plane to go see his former mentee to pass a message. A message of love to reconnect. They are both adult gays. The mentor’s ego and pride prevented him from communicating with his former mentee. Sad. The new mentee didn’t think it appropriate for her to hop on the plane to fly to a strange city to meet the ex-mentee. She thought the two men should talk to each other.

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