Sea creatures: Fiction

Sea Creatures Chapter 1.

Many sea creatures are primary and secondary feeders in the food chains. If they attend school, and eventually end up on our plates, then we are being nourished with sea creatures containing good brain proteins. This will improve the quality of food. We are what we eat. So if we eat good food, then we become better beings. Our brains will be nourished with improved amino acids and be supplemented with upgraded building blocks. Mankind should continue the procedure, to educate other foods in the animal kingdom. When humans feed on intelligent animals, they will benefit from the upgraded quality of nutrients. Slowly, the trend changes. Nobody wants to eat stupid sea creatures which have not been schooled in colleges.

The stupid sea creatures who didn’t attend college are unhappy. They held a meeting to conspire on taking revenge.

“Since we are left behind, we must make ourselves smart” said an old squid.

“How?” said an octopus.

“By eating smart sea creatures to boost our intellect” said the old squid.

“How can we do this?” asked a lazy crab.

“I don’t want to eat sea creatures, who are my relatives and friends!” said the octopus.

“I know! We’ll catch and eat the humans when they enter the sea!”

“Yes!” said the chorus of sea creatures in the meeting.

So it was decided that humans would no longer be safe at sea.

Sea Creatures Chapter 2.

Once upon a time, the Ocean was ruled by a wise King. He spent some of his money in his coffers, to create a sophisticated database to store the health records of all his subjects. This facilitated the easy retrieval and designing of customized medical treatment for sick patients. A school of terrorist sea creatures hacked into the the OceanHealth’s IT system. They used a trick to gain access past the firewalls. The elderly servers could not refuse the gift of a Trojan Horse and OceanHealth’s Castle of IT fell. The Ocean’s conglomerate of public hospitals’ database was hacked. The terrorists were self-trained to be resourceful in executing the invasion. One trillion gazillion sea residents’ personal data was breached. Even outpatient guests’ medical prescriptions were accessed. Imagine how you’d feel when your records are being stolen. This was the worst case of data breach in the history of Ocean.

The motive of this hack was to access the personal and confidential medical record of the King of Ocean. His medical history was in a computer file and the hackers wanted to know his vulnerabilities. They were instructed to discover weaknesses and exploit them to take over the Ocean. They saw the potential of selling the information to interested parties for an exorbitant amount which would then be used to fund their terrorist activities. Then they got greedier and greediest. Why not steal as many medical records as possible? As their hacking was undiscovered for several months, and they had time to transfer and download data.

This security breach was only discovered when a vendor dropped by to service clogged plumbing in the Castle of IT. The plumbing and sanitation were faulty as viruses were hiding in every nook and cranny. The terrorists threatened to take down the Kingdom of Ocean if there are attempts to apprehend them to face the music.

The elderly King decided to defend and maintain his kingdom, instead of going on the offensive. He ordered his court to upgrade their IT systems, and train sea creatures to operate and maintain strong processes to defend cyber invaders in the ocean. Staff must appreciate and exhibit loyalty towards the protection and defence of Ocean’s integral IT, which is the heart of the Cyber body of network. Ocean Cyber Wellness (OCW) was tasked with the duty of increasing the strength of Ocean’s security forces. The King wanted everyone to march towards being Smart Ocean in the new millennium 3000.

This story is incomplete as it awaits the future generations to write how progress or regress happens next.

Sea Creatures Chapter 3. 

The humans became angry and fed up at being hunted like prey at sea. They hold meetings to discuss how to manage this situation. Terrorists use terror tactics to gain an upper hand . They stage a rebellion on land. Humans increase carbon dioxide levels in the air. This gas dissolves in the sea to become carbonic acid, which raises the toxicity of sea water. Smaller and younger sea creatures fell sick. They vomited and had gastronomical illnesses. Their waste added to the unhygienic environment. The sea creatures wanted to draw a truce with the humans. They would promise not to hunt humans at sea, if they stopped fishing in the sea. This pact was not agreeable because many humans refused to give up eating seafood.

Intelligent fish aided by AI build a space ship to travel in search of newer galaxies with habitable planets. They want to bring all the sea creatures in the Ocean to the Promised Land, where there are no humans to hunt them down, or destroy their natural habitat. Their space scientists examined a chart of the Milky Way. Fish spies in the camp of humans had told them that the Homo sapiens were planning to visit Mars and probably colonise the Red Planet. Jupiter, A planet farther away from Mars, would also be too close for comfort. There was no telling when humans would develop technology to colonise Jupiter. So they would plan to travel in the opposite direction from the humans’ itinerary and head towards the Sun. Venus, the second planet away from the Sun, is also an immediate neighbor to Earth and who knows when earthlings would have designs on her. Mercury is the first planet in line with the sun and too hot for the humans. However, the fish suspected it holds a core of ice underground and this would be utilised to create a cold underwater world for sea creatures to live in. They would direct some heat from the surface, down to melt the ice to form water for them to live in.

Some sea creatures, like a pair from every species, volunteer to be astronauts. They study, practice and train to live life in the space ship. They have to travel At least seven years to reach Mercury.

For the rest of the sea population, they have to learn to cope with the difficult environment. Sea creatures are at the end of their wits. They have to work with purple, sorcerer halflings (half as tall as a usual sorcerer) because their sea is sick. These half lungs were mercenaries who only cared for money. They were not interested to be sincere in their work. Nothing much happened in the whole year they were contracted to work on coping with climate change brought about by humans.

Sea creatures decide to use humans to handle the problems brought along by the them. They set honey baits to entice humans out to sea and then they imprisoned human scientists. They subjected the humans to horrendous conditions, to break their physical resistance, mental resistance and spirit. These sea creatures demanded that the engineers and scientists build a large space ship for them. When it was ready, the volunteer astronauts board the space craft and blast off. They encountered a human space station in the outer orbit. The intelligent fish organised an invasion and robbery., to rob the humans blind. They were enriched by the vast trove of weapons, food and technology to sustain them for many light years.

Meanwhile, the fish in the sea are suffering so much from degradation of their ecosystem that some of them decide to leave home. Fish with magic powers swim up the beach, hop on sand and wriggle into the jungle. Since they lack enough powers to change their form into limbs to walk on land, they catch wolves, and ride on wolves. These fish are in search of adventure. They use their ancient artifacts, combined with new science, to create portions that would allow them to breathe in oxygen on land. They saw a giant TV monitor in the town square. It was showing news about the British Princess Eugenie’s wedding. The fish decide to attend by riding flying wolves. In this way, nobody would be able to see them from the ground.

The fish are fascinated with the music entertainment at the wedding. They desire to learn to sing, play musical instruments and dance. They watched American Idol on the big TV screen. They promised themselves they would organize singing contests when they return back home in the ocean.

Parallel world of land and sea share a similar episode. Humans dive underwater to watch the union of two whales.

Aquatic Insects/ amphibians fend off invading hordes of predatory sea creatures who turned towards delicacies of these insects due to lack of human meat in their diet food chain.

Sea creatures are cloned. They want to learn magic because they are lazy to do work. Intelligent fish with lots of brain power by virtue of their omega rich oils, brainstorm to create robots made to look like sea creatures. These would replenish their populations lost to human fishing, pollution and heating of the sea.

Sea creatures have to clone social media accounts for their new robots. They thought they nailed it, until they had an accident using a replicator in a virtual world. They created a vast army of trolls online.

Fish who can breathe on land via magic, capture bears because bears used to hunt fish in rivers. These fish think their relatives who were eaten by the bears, now live inside the bears, via their souls. The fish want to talk to their relatives, through the bears. The fish store the bears on board a prison ship. This was a convenient arrangement, because The fish jump down into the sea, whenever they need to return to sea water.

The squid are very clever because they have eight arms.

Nanobots enter the sea searching for their ultimate leader.

There is also a magic artefact underwater.

There is a huge immortal monster underwater. Scientists seek to examine its DNA to discover the secret of longevity.

A depressed vampire tried to drown himself by walking into the sea. A big Southern Bluefin Tuna saves him by carrying the vampire on its back and swimming towards the shoreline.

To be continued.