Rivalry and competition destroy: Mindful Doodles #331

Mindful Doodles #331 – Rivalry and competition destroy. Is it fair?

When I was young, I faced sibling rivalry. I was tabbed behind my back. Slander and discredits were always tossed at me to make me the black sheep. In the end, God protected me and saved me. Alleluia.

When I was in school, I thought I had a best friend in a classmate. Then one day, another classmate warned me that my so called best friend, was letting me wallow in the wrong path regarding my personal studies. This whistle blower said that my best friend wanted me to fail or do badly in my studies, to eliminate a competitor. I couldn’t believe this. I was naive. I couldn’t make sense out of this. I couldn’t believe my best friend in class could harm me. Years down the road, I understood the harm and self-harm committed. I finally saw the sense out of the nonsense that was done to make me slip and fall. I wasn’t successful in my academic studies at that stage, but by the grace of God, I did better later in my life.

The picture shows me in the background. The strong competitor had the ball and called the shots. I wasn’t really in the game.

Competition and rivalry.

Writing prompt – making sense out of nonsense.