Review of my 2021 resolutions

Be mindful of making a new start for the new year.

Dreaming of New Year Resolutions 2021.

This is a rough start to a new year. Its only Jan. 31 and I’ve dreamed of 10 killers plotting to murder me.

Here are my resolutions to avoid getting killed.

  1. Avoid living things and non-living things that harm.
  2. Create art for sale.
  3. Clean the entire home every quarter, ie once in 3 months.
  4. Read books.
  5. Continue writing my ms. draft that was started in 2020.
  6. Buy cheap pic frames & canvases online.
  7. Participate in as many art contests, exhibitions, rented gallery spaces as possible.
  8. Sell art online.

How have I performed for my 2021 resolutions? Its only Feb. but I have tried to do #1 – 3. I intend to update this list to make it longer as I think 8 items for resolutions in 2021 are too few in number.

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