Real dream analysis

Dream analysis of real dream.

September 20, 2016 – I dreamed I was in a house. One of its rooms had a mango tree growing inside the enclosed area. My family and I picked up mangoes which had fallen on the ground.

Looking at outside from inside the house. After picking up mangoes, I was carrying them.

Looking out from a window, we saw a group of male swimmers at a pool. They were mostly young boys. A swimming coach was teaching them how to swim. I wanted to approach them to give them some mangoes.

Dream interpretation of diving.

As I was standing in the room with the mango tree, I looked out of a window. I saw buses. A mother and child pair was disembarking from a bus. They had returned from a journey. I was still inside the house. Then I had walked into a room with two beds and thin mattresses that were rolled up because they were unused and stored that way. Somehow, I thought the mother and her child would need to rest in this room with beds.Then I woke up.

Dream analysis:
The image of a sweet fruit like the mango has a good meaning in symbol. I should be expecting to enjoy the fruit of labor.

Swimmers in water means good news as water represents life.

The mother and child pair could be an old image recalled from nostalgia. Many stay-at-home mothers were sole caregivers and they went everywhere with their kids in tow. After a long journey, I would expect the travelers to be tired and desiring rest.

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