Dream of postman

October 17 2018 is Day 164 of this blog on DREAMS. This 365 day project started on May 7 2018.

This is an old dream I saw on the night of September 19 going on to the wee hours of September 20, 2016. I dreamed I visited a big, busy library. I saw a couple standing there. There was a postman wearing the local postal worker uniform. He was a postman. He talked to the couple and returned two passports, which they had misplaced earlier. This is the end of this episode of the dream.

The postman delivers mail.

Dream analysis –
This dream was probably triggered by nostalgia for the library which I sometimes visited. The theme on the misplaced passports was from a previous experience, when a relative who was curious, lifted my passport from the counter and “stole” it. He wanted to show it to his friends and relatives. He returned it later that night. This episode left a lasting impression on me as I thought it was queer to be such a show-off. The postman played an important role in delivering essential items like clothing and books ordered from online vendors like Amazon. That’s why he got featured in my dream.

This dream about seeing mail delivered may mean I can expect important news, which is likely to be good news.

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