My Laser Surgery Experience: Mindful Doodles #456

Mindful Doodles #456 – My Laser Surgery Experience (Comic of 33 frames)

What is laser surgery? Its Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. How is laser surgery done? Follow the pictures below to understand the basic steps. What does laser surgery feel like? This is answered below. What is the aftercare for laser surgery?

Step 1. Book appointment.

Making appointment to see a laser surgeon.

Step 2.

Checking out my skin tags.

Try to count how many skin tags I have before I consult my surgeon for laser surgery.

Step 3.
Prepare to visit the clinic. Eat a good meal before setting out.

Wait for the Day of Appointment for Laser Surgery.

Step 4.
We missed our bus by a split second.

We missed our bus by a hair’s breadth.

Step 5.
Get the alternative transport. We have an appointment to keep.

A taxi will get us there in time!

Step 6.
Taxi sends us to destination safely. Step into the building where the clinic is.

Reached destination where clinic is.

Step 7.
Get into the correct elevator to reach the clinic. The elevator is tiny. It can only fit in around 4-6 adults.

Get into the elevator to move up to the clinic.

Step 8.
I have to explain to the clinic’s receptionist that I DO have an appointment. She is utterly confused. Then she looks into her appointment book and viola! My name has already been written to reserve a time slot.

Receptionist asks me for my appointment.

Step 9.
She has an appointment book.

Boozy checks in her book.

Step 10.

We sit and wait for the doctor to be free to see us.

Sitting to wait in the lobby.

Step 11.

Finally a staff assisting the doctor comes for us.

A doctor’s assistant in a purple uniform greets us.

Step 12.

The surgeon is a kind man without much airs.

Laser Surgeon consultation.

Step 13.

Change into clean footwear that has been specially reserved for patients to use inside the clinic.

Change into clean footwear before entering the clean rooms to prepare for surgery.

Step 14.
I wear a pair of plastic slippers on loan from the clinic.

Its weird to sit in a clinic wearing “clean” house slippers.

Step 15.

After some waiting for a spare clean room to be vacated by other patients, its now my turn! My turn to have numbing cream slathered on my face.

Time for numbing cream.

Step 16.

Assistant prepares patient’s face for laser surgery.

Putting on shower cap, cleaning cream and then numbing cream.

Step 17.

Finally, the long awaited numbing cream. And the day my face was cling wrapped.

Assistant explains effects of numbing cream.

Step 18.

Mandatory 15 minute wait for numbing cream to take effect.

Wait 15 minutes for numbing cream to be absorbed.

Step 19.

Actually, she wants to go visit the ladies room.

My girl comes to accompany me.

Step 20.

After 15 minutes, nurse comes to clean away numbing cream.

Cleaning away numbing cream.

Step 21.

I’m too numb to feel nervous.

The laser surgery will start in the surgery theater.

Step 22.

I’m still too surprised to slow down to feel nervous.

The doctor surgeon enters the theater.

Step 23.

Let’s take it slowly, ten skin bags, pardon me, tags, at a time.

He will zap 10 skin tags and see how my progress and reaction goes.

Step 24.

The beam of laser is very bright. It is a tiny beam. Both my eyes are closed and I still see bright light.

What happens during laser surgery.

Step 25.

Remember to use self restraint to keep eyes tightly shut.

Patient needs self control to avoid opening eyes and moving away.

Step 26.

Making the obvious remark on burning smell. Surgeon confirms the smell is of burning skin tags.

Laser burns away the skin, hence the smell.

Step 27.

About 35 skin tag laser zaps later, surgeon says my face is almost cleared.

Step 28.

Surgeon explains why eye cream is applied. Oh, and stay out of the sun for about 5 days while the skin heals under the scabs.

Doctor’s last few words before professional consultation and procedure is over.

Step 29.

Eye cream minimizes infection risk. Burned skin will fall off after a few days.

Nurse explains the burned tags will drop off after a few days.

Step 30.

Evaluation of procedure, assessment of pain level & etc. Have you had laser surgery? What do you think of it?

Unofficial, informal survey. On a scale of 1 to 10.

Step 31.

Receptionist calls for payment.

Payment at front desk.

Step 32.

Feedback on condition of skin after laser surgery.

Step 33.

Its time to go home.

Going home after laser surgery.


Writing prompts –

As this is a long series of 33 picture frames, I hope to get as many readers to look at these pics as possible. That’s why I’ve combined several writing prompts here. I hope at least, the hosts of the individual writing prompts of MLMM will visit. I know all folks are busy and nobody has the time to come around but at least, the hosts will come. Thank you, you beautiful people.

Curiosity and desire to get rid of my skin tags encouraged me to fix a consultation with a laser surgeon. He explained that laser will be like sniping off a skin tag; only that it is burning it dead. My desire to be bare-faced without skin tags persuaded me to undergo the surgery.

A Distant Hum:
The roar of the machines in the surgery theater were like a distant hum.

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  1. This was actually very informative. I have some skin tags myself on my chest.

    Wishing you a swift recovery

  2. I would say to remove tags if it is necessary. If skin tags cause you psychological stress, or discrimination, then get the procedure. If the same tags are growing and increasing in length, then it might be better to remove them. Otherwise, if a doctor has seen them and confirmed those are merely skin tags, then it is not required to remove them.

    I’ve recovered. The scabs have fallen off. From now on, I’ll use sunscreen before I step out of home. Thanks for your concern.

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