Meditation #8: Calm

Combined meditation – Meditate by breathing with reciting mantra.

Meditate by thinking of only one word. Today, let’s meditate by concentrating on the word “calm”.

How to meditate:

1)Sit in quiet place which is your sanctuary. Decide the length of time you wish to meditate. Start with a short span of time. Set your alarm on your clock, smartphone or watch.

2)Close your eyes and shut off all input stimuli calling for your attention.

3) Focus on your chosen word “calm”. You don’t need to think about anything.

4)You might help yourself by verbally repeating the word calm …. calm …. calm….

5)If you got distracted and thought about other stuff, you must return to your focused word “calm”, as soon as possible, and in a relaxed and steady manner. You are meditating and distraction should not make you feel upset. You can acknowledge the distraction, then let it go, and return to meditating on the word “calm”.

6)When the alarm rings, slowly leave your meditation. Slowly start to receive external stimulation from your immediate environment. Listen to the sounds. Smell the air. You get ready to return to your position in life where you were before you started this meditation exercise.

7)Smile. You did a good job.