Friday Friendly Fill-Ins #4

Join us by copying and pasting the 4 sentences and fill in your own answers.

1. I joined ____________ in _______________. Blogging/ 2000.

2. I wish I’d asked _______________ about _________________. writers/ creative writing.

3. _________ had the biggest impact on who I am today. Religion.

4. _________ is the most beautiful place I have ever been. Ireland

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  1. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. You have been blogging a long time. I wish I had discovered the joys of blogging sooner. Very nice cat drawing. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thank you for joining in on the Friendly Fill-Ins! Come to think of it, it really would be inspiring to ask writers about creative writing. And religion is also a very big part of my life. Have a wonderful day!

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