Meaning of dreaming of wish lantern

What’s the meaning if you’ve dreamed of the wish lantern? You’ve probably had some intense wish that you hoped would see resolution. You were desperate enough to use a common fantasy belief, like writing your wish on a lantern, to wrangle the realization of your wish.

The wish lantern is a favorite prop that is sometimes seen in TV shows and movies. It is a symbol to show how the characters desire a wish to come true and they resort to writing this wish down on a lantern, and send the hot air lantern upwards into the sky. The universe at large reads this wish and somehow may grant it later in time.

The movie characters, Lara Jean and Peter, write their names on a wish lantern and floated it up, to wish for good luck in their relationship. This scene was portrayed in the movie “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You.

Lara Jean is played by actress Lana Condor and Peter is Noah Centineo.

Dreaming of balloons.

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